The peer-reviewed journal evaluation system is used to avoid bias in the evaluation process. Reviewers do not know the identity of the author and the author does not know the identity of the reviewer. In this way it is possible to evaluate the scientific content without falling into any kind of bias.

All reviews must be objective, clear and with arguments. There can never be personal criticism of the author.

Empirical articles should contain procedures and calculations within it. In scientific publications we do not accept inaccurate or fraudulent calculations and this will be considered a violation of the ethical code, and the non-publication of the article. For this reason, the data must always be in the article next to its sources in order to be easily replicated for other investigations.

Any error detected by the author or a third party must be reported to the publisher. The author will have to retract or correct the article as briefly as possible.

The article must be original and must not be published in other journals. In addition, it must contain correctly quoted all sources of information in order to verify that there is no plagiarism. Non-originality and plagiarism will mean a violation of the ethical code, which will lead to non-publication of the article.

Authors must cite all the publications that have been relevant to the investigation of their article. All private or confidential information may not be published unless explicit permission is obtained from the source.

The author of the article will be those who, besides the author, have made significant contributions in the investigation. All other contributions will appear in collaborations and acknowledgments.

Conflicts of interest should be communicated to the publisher as soon as possible, so it is recommended to attach this information in the cover letter when sending the article.

Editorial team/reviewers/editor can not disclose any information about the articles received by the journal, just to the people of the editorial team who have access, reviewers and the editor.