Written by Marc Oliveras

Article 3, Volume 6 Issue 1

Systematic Literature Review: Sustainability practices in Start-ups

Andrei Boar-Boar and Marc Oliveras-Villanueva

DOI: 10.26595/eamr.2014.6.1.3


Start-ups and sustainability are growing in our society. For this reason, this paper is written with the aim to realize a systemic review of the literature in this topic. It analyses the characteristics of investors and entrepreneurs, the impact of existing green start-ups in society and if the institutional support is important for the development of the company. The most relevant results of each section show than the principal motivation of entrepreneurs is their social awareness with sustainability; traditional investors avoid investing in green start-ups; green start-ups need to use different management models than traditional start-ups; institutional support is crucial for the development and growth of a start-ups. However, it has been detected many gaps in the literature and to solve them, the paper proposes up to eight research questions to create a future agenda of investigation.


  • Start-up
  • Sustainability
  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs’ behavior
  • Institutions

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