Written by Marc Oliveras

Article 2, Volume 5 Issue 1

Value Creation and Women on Boards

Bettina Binder

DOI: 10.26595/eamr.2014.5.1.2


Value creation is a major claim of most companies. Mahajan (2017) argues that “value and value creation are natural to and basic in human behaviour and endeavour”, nevertheless women are often marginalized and impeded in their advancement towards leadership positions, where they could shape and influence the process of value creation. The present article looks at the companies of EURO STOXX 50 index in the year 2015 and offers an overview of women representation on the boards of these 50 companies. The paper tries to establish whether the success of these companies can be related to the percentage of female members in supervisory positions. The findings reveal the existence of a weak correlation between Earning before Taxes (EBT) and the proportion of women on the boards of the EURO STOXX 50 companies.


  • Value creation
  • Women on supervisory boards
  • Key performance indicators
  • Gender quota
  • Earnings before taxes

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