Written by Marc Oliveras

Article 2, Volume 3 Issue 2

Management control in startups with high growth success in the Technology sector: The case of Netrivals

Dolors Celma, Marian Buil and Josep Patau

DOI: 10.26595/eamr.2014.3.2.2


The objective of this article is to analyse the use of financial and non-financial indicators by the NetRivals Company and its importance for the control of business management. Ultimately, it is intended to design a strategic map of the company together with a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) that serves to identify the critical success factors and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that allow an optimal tracking and analysis of its functioning for decision making. An empirical methodology based on a case study is used. The descriptive analysis of an experience of implementing the BSC in an internet company will be used as well as an exploratory study that formulates the key factors of success and sectoral indicators of this type of companies which will be tested in later studies. Firstly, the study will be checked whether NetRivals has the key success factors and generic KPIs recorded in the four perspectives of BSC. Secondly, the specific key success factors and KPIs for NetRivals will be determined and its strategic map defined. Added value light will be shed on the key success factors and KPIs of companies that operate entirely on the Internet, and particularly SMEs with high growth in a highly competitive sector.


  • Internet companies
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Key success factor
  • Key Performance Indicators

JEL codes: M13, M15

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