Article 1, Volume 7 Issue 2

Demographic Drivers of Workplace Deviance: A Survey of Clinical and Non-Clinical Hospital Professionals


Rogério J. Lunkes – (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)

Ernesto Lopez-Valeiras – (Universidad de Vigo)

Jacobo Gomez-Conde – (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Received February 1, 2021; accepted April 19, 2021.


This paper aims to determine the extent to which employee demographic characteristics (gender, age, tenure and professional group) predict an employee’s decision to participate in deviant workplace behavior. We conduct a quantitative field study consisting in a survey of 113 clinical and non-clinical professionals at the three largest hospitals in Brazil. ANOVA and linear regression were used to test the hypothesized model. Our results reveal that those most prone to deviant behavior are the short tenure, young and administrative professionals. Although we found no association between gender and workplace deviance, our results generate specific knowledge on relevant behavioral issues involving clinical and non-clinical hospital professionals. The knowledge of the demographic characteristics that may predict workplace deviance will allow managers to design and implement more accurate control systems and training programs that could reduce this dysfunctional behavior and its negative impact on organizations and society.


Lunkes, R. J., López-Valeiras, E. & Gómez-Conde, J. (2021). Demographic Drivers of Workplace Deviance: A Survey of Clinical and Non-Clinical Hospital Professionals. European Accounting and Management Review, 7(2), 1-22.




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